House painters

Do you want to reconstruct your flat or a house and have no idea? Aren't you sure which colour is the best for children's room. Would you like to know how the colour contrast in a room works? Go through following information and pictures. We will take care of realization and idea is up to you.


Colours can predetermine many times how will you feel in that room or how the employees will work. It is always good to spend enough time on choosing the right colour or consult it with interior architect.

To have a basic idea is good to know that warm colours induce cheerfulness, inspirit and are benefical. This colours can also enlarge and brighten a room. Are suitable for office, dining room and children's room.

Cold colours, on the other hand, encline to passivity. These colours can be used for places where is necessary to have clean and air atmosphere.

Rooms get larger and colours recede into the background. These colours can be used for kitchen, bathroom and office. Dark colour shades calm, have a noble and truthfull expression, enclose a space and make it optically narrow. These colours are convenient for big and representative rooms.

The best way to choose the right colour can be found in section How to...