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variopaint It is colorful decorative undercoat material for interiors. It is very effective compensiation of washable wallpaper, which you can apply to glass, plastic, wood, metal stucco and cast plaster. Variopaint is water based paint with natural resin basis and it has same quality like synthetic caoutchouc. It had very effective and soft relief. It can be applied with colorless water based lacquer for higher resistance. Dry film created after spritz is good prevention against fire and mould under.

Why choose Variopaint?

The spritz is quickly dry and the application is without any smell. The surface is easily washable, antistatic and resistant to wipe. There is seven years guarantee. We have received special testimonial for Variopaint from the main hygienist of Czech Republic to use Variopaint even in food industry. Variopaint has more than fifty different colors and shades It can be use especially in exclusive interiors of public buildings such as schools, banks, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, cinemas, or other entertainment places. It is often used in offices or habitable rooms what have formic bathrooms or old housing.