House painters

Painting work

malirske-prace-praha We paint all external and internal surfaces of the buildings with all different colorful tones from Czech and foreign productions. As a first step we prepare the surface by removing old painting, penetration coating or plastering so the final effect is optimal to its surrounding. Then we apply top paint.

Nowadayys, you have broad selection of material to choose. Starting with ordinary glue and lime colors, which are used rarely, and the selection ends with high quality diffusion dispersive colors. We use Czech and also foreign made colors. It depends on individual character of the painting place, color richness and also on customer financial possibilities. You should be aware of the fact that all kinds of surfaces look 100 % only if they are perfectly exterminated. It is not just the idea of the painter but if you look on the same paint on exterminated surface and on unextermianted surface you can immediately see the difference. Some walls have small holes and cracks and most of the painters say that the color will cover all the holes and cracks. You don’t have to worry about it from our painters, because we do not provide unprofessional service. We are here for you to propose you the best solution of reparation in such cases.